With rugged granite outcrops, mild summer weather, and spectacular wilderness, it’s no surprise that the Haliburton Highlands has become a premier outdoor enthusiast destination. The scenic beauty of our beloved region readily lends itself to a gamut of adventurous activities. The possibilities are endless, from gliding across tranquil lakes by canoe to scaling towering boulders! There are so many outdoor and nature-centric activities in our neck of the woods that a community of guides, environmentalists, and outdoor educators started Yours Outdoors, a company dedicated to keeping locals and visitors active in the Haliburton Highlands. 

At Sandy Lane Resort, we know how much our guests value getting out and immersing themselves in nature’s bounty. So this month, we’ll be sharing a few of our favourite outdoor activities facilitated by the folks at Yours Outdoor that will give you a few ideas to help you plan the ultimate summer getaway. And at the end of every exciting day, you can rest assured that you’ll have a relaxing cottage to recharge for your next adventure.

Yours Outdoors: Quintessential Haliburton Highlands

Serenity amid nature and a breath of fresh air is only the beginning in the Haliburton Highlands! You’ll create unforgettable memories while staying active and taking your outdoor enthusiasm to the next level! Here are a few unique activities offered by Yours Outdoors.

Disc Golf at Abbey Gardens

Have you ever wanted to try disc golf but don’t know where to start? Yours Outdoors presents an introductory clinic at Abbey Gardens. You’ll learn the rules and different throwing styles in a two or three-hour session. The clinic also includes a standard disc and marker to take home to your home course.

Paddleboard Yoga

Paddleboard yoga is just what it sounds like. You’ll combine graceful yoga techniques with the physical strength of paddleboarding to experience a calming yet active sport that will improve your balance while using all of your muscles.

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Are you looking for a rewarding challenge to test your strength and endurance? Why not try rock climbing? The Haliburton Highlands is one of Eastern Ontario’s popular rock climbing destinations, and you’ll quickly discover why! Let the experts at Elements Guiding, in association with Your Outdoors, show you the ropes!

Introduction to Geocaching

It’s been said that the Haliburton Highlands is the “Geocaching Capital of Canada.” You’ll engage in a hands-on treasure hunt throughout Highlands East using modern GPS technology. Geocaching is a fun way for friends and families to bond in the great outdoors while learning how to navigate geographic coordinates.

The Fundamentals of Fly Fishing

Many avid anglers will tell you that fly fishing is somewhat of an art form. Although standard rod and reel fishing requires ample patience and dedication, there’s no mistaking the distinction. The fly fishing clinic teams you with award-winning outdoors writer and fly fishing veteran Steve Galea to learn about the various flies, casting techniques, and how to set the hook once you land a fish.

An Idyllic Cottage Resort in Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands

To find a more extensive gallery of warm-weather activities provided by Yours Outdoors, visit their “Sizzle of Summer” page. Although we have plenty of onsite activities at the resort, we always encourage guests to do some exploring. Your cottage is a basecamp for finding everything the Haliburton Highlands offers! So when you aren’t kicking back on the shores of Halls Lake, you’ll always find fun ways to stay busy! Book online today!