As the leaves start to change colours and the weather changes, we welcome to explore the beautiful Haliburton Highlands this autumn. The Haliburton Highlands truly comes ablaze during the fall, with rich crimsons, scarlets, bright golds, browns, and so many other lovely fall colours! We truly believe that the most wonderful autumn destination in all of Ontario is right in the heart of Algonquin Highlands, where the lovely lakefront Sandy Lane Resort is located. 

Today, we want to introduce you to all the incredible spots where you can see the best waterfalls in the Haliburton Highlands. Keep reading to discover these hidden gems that are not so hidden anymore! 

1. Buttermilk Falls

Sandy Lane Resort sits right on the sandy shores of Halls Lake. If you were to keep travelling on the lake, you’d eventually run into Buttermilk Falls, where Halls Lake drains towards Boshkung Lake. This Haliburton waterfall is known for its pristine splashing water that crashed its way down a concrete sluiceway. Capture some awesome photos of water spraying over the autumn backdrop of colourful leaves and muted sunlight. It is truly a sight to behold! 

2. Furnace Falls

As you cross the bridge over the Irondale River, you’ll be able to see these serene-looking waterfalls from your car. Furnace Falls are super accessible for the whole family. You and yours can wade into the water and enjoy some nice refreshing cool water. There’s a nearby park that makes for a great rest stop as you travel around looking at all the marvellous Haliburton fall colours. It is the perfect place for a quick autumn day trip! 

3. Ragged Falls

If you are venturing into Algonquin Provincial Park, we recommend you check out Ragged Falls. Gather the whole vacation party and take a trek on the many trails sprinkled around the falls. A small plunge basin demonstrates the powerful, erosive force of glacial melt-water. Ragged Falls is known as one of the best waterfalls in all of Ontario. You will really be in awe of the thundering waterfall! 

Fall In Love with the Haliburton Highlands

This fall, get ready to experience all the great amenities and activities Sandy Lane Resort has to offer all our guests. Our lakeside cottages provide year-round accommodations with all the fixings of home! As you explore all the great waterfalls in the Haliburton Highlands this autumn, you can always call Sandy Lane Resort your home away from home. Check our availability online and book today!