4 on 4 - playing two 15 minutes periods on natural ice
Guaranteed at least 3 games
No Goalies, modified nets and rules
Accommodation Package
Cash Prizes
Register Early - Space limited to 12 teams

(705) 489-2020 1-800-461-1422



Accommodations Package
for Sandy Lanes' Pond Hockey Tournament

  • 2 nights' accommodations in a 1-2-or 3 bedroom cottage
  • (minimum of 4 people per cottage)
  • All amenities on Sandy Lanes' Property
  • (Including Firewood, cross country skiing, tobogganing, BBQ's and much more...)
  • $150.00/person/weekend
  • Share your bed - your partner is 1/2 price!

For more information on our accommodations please visit our website at
To reserve call 1-800-461-1422 or 705-489-2020

Pond Hockey Tournament Information and Rules
1. Teams shall consist of a maximum of 8 skaters. Regular play will be 4 skaters against 4 skaters
2. EQUIPMENT: All players must wear skates, helmets and gloves (shin pads accepted). No goalie sticks or equipment allowed .
3. Tournament is an Open Division. Minimum age is 19. Can be a mixed team.
4. No major or minor Junior A league players, professional or semi-pro players which have played within the year are allowed to play in the tournament. At the discretion of the tournament committee, any infraction of this rule could result in the participant being ejected from the tournament.
5. All participants must be 19 years of age or older. Age checks will be performed upon registration. Be prepared to show a photo I.D. to confirm D.O.B on team roster. At the discretion of the tournament committee, any infraction of this rule could results in the participant being ejected from the tournament.
6. Protest of age will have a fee of $200.00 charged. If protest is won your money will be returned. If lost, the fee will be forfeited to the tournament.
7. Cost is $180.00 per team. A non-refundable deposit of $180.00 is required on or before December 15th, 2018 You can call in your credit card to Sandy Lane Resort at 1-800-461-1422.

Playing the Game
8. All games are 30 minutes in length (straight time), consisting of two 15 minutes periods.
9. The rink size will be approximately 65' x 125'. All nets are reduced in size. They are the standard 6 feet in width, and 10 inches in height. No lifting the puck. Flip passes may be allowed with both teams consent.
10. Intentionally raising the puck from the ice surface results in the puck being awarded to the opposing team (change in possession).
11. There will be a face-off at the beginning of each period. Teams will be required to give their opponents half ice after a goal is scored or a change in possession occurs for a penalty/infraction. The team that has been scored upon must move the puck (quickly so the game is not delayed) over the half ice marker before the defending team can engage in play.
12. Goals must be scored from the attacking side of center ice.
13. Penalties will be called for rule infractions. Any minor penalty results in a goal being awarded to the opposing team plus puck possession for the purpose of taking half ice. Regular hockey infractions such as tripping, hooking, slashing, etc. are considered minor infractions in this tournament.
14. Any penalty that, in a regulation game would have resulted in a game misconduct will result in the penalized player being ejected from the tournament. These infractions are considered a major penalty and will be assessed by the action that could possibly injure another player. Substitutions will not be allowed for the offending player's team.
15. There will be no body contact. Any action to do so results in a minor penalty unless deemed serious enough to be a major.
16. Any abuse of officials will be considered a major infraction. This will include yelling, swearing or arguing calls.
17. Fighting will not be tolerated. This will result in an automatic tournament ejection.
18. Slap shots will not be permitted. There will be no contacting of the puck above the waist. Stick blades must remain on the ice. All of these infractions will result in a minor penalty.
19. There will be no icing, two line passes or off sides.
20. Pucks that are accidentally shot out of bounds results in the opposing team gaining possession at the spot closest to where the puck left the area of play. Defenders must give the in-bounding teams two stick lengths to initiate play once again. Players should not pursue or chase pucks shot out of play. The official will have extra pucks and immediately spot a puck for play to continue.
21. The organizing committee reserves the right to prohibit any player or team from participating if they are deemed to cause safety concerns. They also have the right to add or delete rules. Teams will be informed of changes via the website and/or at the pre-tournament orientation meeting.
22. In the event of a tie in points, the team with the best goals percentage will be awarded the higher position (ie: goals for/goals against).
23. Once a team has 8 penalties, the next player that gets a penalty is ejected from that game, and must leave immediately without confrontation. Failure to do so could result in the player being ejected from the tournament. This will happen until there are 3 skaters left. Once there are less than 3 skaters your team will default the game, even if your team is winning, the opposing team is given a score of 7-0.
24. Any discrepancies will be handled by the tournament committee.
25. The tournament committee, or any of the officials, will not be liable for any injuries on or off the ice during the tournament.
Sandy Lane Resort Pond Hockey Tournament is an all-weather event. By entering this event, you acknowledge that you are playing on an outdoor ice surface, and ice conditions are at the mercy of Mother Nature. All teams are expected to play unless the Organizing Committee and Sandy Lane Resort deem the ice unsafe.
If, due to weather, teams play less than 2 games during the weekend, they will be given free entry for next year's tournament. Refunds will not be given due to weather.
Teams who withdraw from the tournament prior to January 10th, 2016 will receive a gift certificate that can be used anytime during the year. Teams who withdraw from the tournament after January 10 do so understanding that they are forfeiting entry deposit payment. They are permitted to find a replacement team.