The lush, tranquil Southern Ontario wilderness is calling. And the preferred method of exploration for many Canadians is horseback riding. After all, there’s nothing quite like galloping through dense forestry, swaying wheat fields, and colourful wildflower meadows atop a majestic, well-training horse. Horseback trail riding in Ontario continues to rise in popularity, especially during a period when city folks are rediscovering the allure of outdoor recreation. 

Late-Summer or Autumn Horseback Trail Riding in Ontario

Sandy Lane Resort, home to 16 fully self-contained Haliburton cottage rentals, has a strong relationship with a nearby stable: South Algonquin Trails. But Muskoka’s eastern rim also boasts a couple of quintessential, multi-purpose horse farms. Some of the most reposeful horseback trail riding in Ontario can be discovered in these serene stretches of backcountry, particularly during autumn’s vibrant peak or late summer’s golden haze. Thus, instead of blindly searching for “riding stables near me,” simply bookmark this article for future reference.

South Algonquin Trails

The 70-minute drive from our resort cottage rentals to South Algonquin Trails is our favourite autumn road trip. It juts through the heart of the Haliburton Highlands and meanders up into Algonquin Provincial Park’s southern tip. The folks at South Algonquin Trails couldn’t be more genuine, passionate, and amiable toward their riders or horses. We still contest that South Algonquin provides the very best horseback trail riding in Ontario—period. Rides vary from 30 minutes to four hours. Longer trips meander past gushing waterfalls, rocky creeks, towering (and original) hemlocks, and thriving birdlife.

Rocky Top Farm

Approximately 30 minutes west of Sandy Lane, one of the most affordable cottage resorts in Ontario, lies Rocky Top Farm, a family-friendly outpost offering hands-on riding lessons. Rocky Top often pops up in search results for “horseback riding lessons near me.” The small farm setting, and its location near Muskoka’s most beloved attractions, make Rocky Top a must for youngsters aiming to learn the sport.

Maple Lane Farms

Bracebridge’s Maple Lane Farms is home to arguably the most popular horseback trail riding in Ontario near Lake Muskoka. Riding services range from lessons, boarding, camps, and, of course, a 90-minute trail ride experience through the leafy countryside. Even during winter’s frostiest afternoons, the team at Maple Lane leads gleeful riders into the snowy landscape.

Reminder: All three of these off-site businesses require a 30-plus-minute drive.

Family Resorts in Ontario: Discover Halls Lake

Photo of a Sandy Lane Cabin near the Best Horseback Trail Riding in Ontario.Halls Lake’s Sandy Lane Resort is an idyllic place to relax, splash, and paddle after spending so much time in self-isolation. The entire family can appreciate our lakeside haven and its many conveniences, such as complimentary watercraft rentals and a sizable game room. Other common summer and fall activities include cycling expeditions, backcountry ATVing, canopy tours, and fishing. KIDS STAY FREE for a limited time, so remember to book directly at