It’s the last call for a golf getaway to the Haliburton Highlands, Southern Ontario’s most beloved autumnal destination. And there’s no better place to start and finish each day of vibrant fall foliage than Sandy Lane Resort along the northern rim of serene Halls Lake. Eighteen holes of classic Haliburton golf is just the tip of the iceberg, as the region also boasts stellar horseback riding, backcountry cycling, and ATV trails. However, don’t forget your clubs, because this remarkably peaceful slice of Southern Ontario is brimming with high-quality course designs and some of Canada’s most inexpensive rates.

The Best Haliburton Golf Courses

The finest Haliburton golf courses have three qualities in common: affordability, an idyllic pace of play, and natural beauty. While there’s only one 18-hole design, it’s nice having the flexibility to play three nine-hole Haliburton golf courses in one day. Regardless, you’ll instantly be taken aback by the sheer beauty and lack of foot traffic. Enough preamble—here are the three best golf courses in the Haliburton Highlands.

Blairhampton Golf Club

As the only 18-hole course in the area, Blairhampton sees the most on-course congestion, although it’s limited. The natural rolling hills blend flawlessly with the towering, colourful trees. Wildlife, mainly deer, often frolic along the forest’s perimeter. Meanwhile, the western edge of the course hugs Horseshoe Lake, where a thriving bird population resides. You won’t find a more tranquil 18-hole experience in the valley.

Haliburton Highland Golf Club

Photo of a Golf Cart During Fall's Peak at a Haliburton Golf Course.

“Haliburton’s most scenic golf course” remains a shining example of innovation and sprawling natural enchantment. This unique, 2,425-yard Haliburton golf course is nearing its 90th year. And don’t let the short yardage fool you—all nine holes were smushed into a 67-acre plot near Lake Kashagawigamog’s eastern shoreline. The lake views are startlingly beautiful, and the dense forestry transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours during autumn’s peak.

Lakeside Golf Club

Lakeside narrowly thwarted Beaverbrook Golf Course and Carnarvon Family Golf. Admittedly, Carnarvon Family Golf is a hoot for the whole family, and those par threes are exceedingly charming. However, Lakeside Golf Club is a family-owned gem that’s worried less about profits and more about the natural aesthetic. Golfers marvel at the firm fairways, scenic tee shots, and soft greens. Lakeside’s grounds crew is clearly top-notch!

Resort Cottage Rentals in the Haliburton Highlands

Aerial View of Sandy Lane Resort in Haliburton County. We're Close to 5 Haliburton Golf Courses!Sandy Lane Resort is an idyllic four-season destination, thanks in large part to its remote locale, fully-detached cabins, and easy access to boundless backcountry exploration. All cottages include a wood-burning fireplace (the only ones in the area), fully-equipped kitchen, fire pit, sundeck, outdoor grill, and satellite television. Don’t forget to read our area dining and craft brewery guides. We’ve also included several links below that will assuredly come in hand this autumn. To book a long-awaited Haliburton golf getaway at Sandy Lane, please check availability online (or call us directly at 705-489-2020).