Amid autumn’s vibrant peak, Haliburton County’s sprawling, rolling acreage transforms into a jaw-dropping kaleidoscope of colour, including bright hues of amber, marigold, and kelly green. Haliburton County spans over 4,000 square kilometres, reaching from Lake of Bays all the way through Algonquin Provincial Park’s southern rim. In the heart of all this beauty is Sandy Lane Resort, one of the most desirable four-season cottage resorts in Ontario. When fall arrives, legions of travellers flock to this pristine wilderness in search of true tranquillity, an abundance of natural beauty, and a healthy dose of adventure. Photographers, paddlers, and hikers alike cannot resist these highlands, especially when combined with a week of relaxation beside Halls Lake’s sandy shoreline.

10 Ways to Explore Haliburton County during Autumn’s Peak

Photo of a Family Canoeing in Haliburton County's Halls Lake.You don’t necessarily have to relish backcountry thrills to genuinely appreciate Haliburton County’s rolling forestry, winding roads, and outland lakes. Autumn’s idyllic temperatures and colourful topography provide copious amounts of cheer to the land and its inhabitants. Travellers often partake in a wide variety of clichéd pursuits, such as flannel, pumpkin spiced lattes, and hours upon hours of leaf-peeping. Among the many perks of a mid-fall stay at Sandy Lane Resort is the fact that you’ll be a few steps (or a short drive) away from dozens of quintessential autumn activities. Many of these mid-day adventures lie in the heart of Haliburton County, near Carnarvon, Haliburton, and, yes, Halls Lake.

  1. Cycle through Haliburton County’s most remote locales.
  2. Lace-up your boots and hit the backcountry. Hiking (and backpacking) is the preferred method of exploration from spring through autumn.
  3. Kayak (or canoe) atop serene Halls Lake.
  4. Try geocaching near the resort.
  5. Climb aboard a friendly, majestic horse inside Algonquin Park’s dense backcountry.
  6. Go for a lengthy drive—perhaps on Frank MacDougall Parkway?
  7. Savour a festbier (or Oktoberfest lager) during a self-guided Haliburton Highland brewery tour.
  8. Zoom through the countryside on a state-of-the-art ATV rental.
  9. Soar through the sky on a zipline canopy tour before visiting the Wolf Centre.
  10. Play 18 holes of championship golf at a nearby course.

Haliburton Cottage Rentals in the Vibrant Autumn Woods

Aerial View of Sandy Lane Resort in Haliburton County.Autumn rapidly approaches, so remember to book your foliage-focused getaway at your earliest convenience. Sandy Lane Resort boasts some of the most affordable lakefront cottages in Canada, all of which feature a wood-burning fireplace, satellite television, Wi-Fi, a full kitchen, a gas grill, a fire pit, and a private deck. When you’re not paddling, cycling, and motoring through Haliburton County’s most beloved terrains, don’t forget to relax inside (and outside) your rustic, cozy cottage. To learn more about our resort cottage rentals, please visit us online at (or call us today at 705-489-2020). You can check availability within seconds on our website!