As we inch closer and closer to coronavirus’ conclusion, thousands of Ontarians are lining up their summer plans. In all likelihood, common themes this summer will be seclusion, outdoor recreation, and cottage life, as everything gradually returns to normalcy. For those who are aching to escape the grips of the Greater Toronto Area this summer, there may not be a more enticing backcountry destination than the Haliburton Highlands, most notably Halls Lake’s Sandy Lane Resort. Sandy Lane provides the perfect combination of solitude, outdoor excitement, and true rejuvenation amid towering sugar maples and cottonwoods. Some of the most common mid-summer activities here in the Highlands include fishing, bicycling, boating, and, of course, ATVing. In fact, there are kilometres upon kilometres of prime Haliburton ATV trails at arm’s length when you choose our peaceful lakeside respite.

Boundless Wilderness

One thing is for sure: Sandy Lane Resort is the perfect place to enjoy an extended break from the city after spending so much time in self-isolation. Not only can you “spread your wings” on or near Halls Lake, but our 70-acre property is a short ride from a wide variety of Haliburton ATV trails. Many of these trails lead to quintessential small towns, backcountry lakes, and utter seclusion in the heart of Ontario. We could list 100 reasons to visit us this summer. Still, it’s most important to note that Sandy Lane Resort has swift access to spectacular lake trout fishing, complimentary bicycle rentals, and an abundance of watercrafts, such as kayaks and paddleboards.

Easy Access to Haliburton ATV Trails

But, of course, one of the main draws during the warmest months is our easy access to countless Haliburton ATV trails. The friendly folks at Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA) created a comprehensive trail map that’s readily available for purchase on their website. Instead of Googling “ATV trails near me” this summer, simply purchase this $10 guide; it’s the Holy Grail of trail maps. Very few regions in the entire country boast such a detailed guide! Most of these classic Haliburton ATV trails feature road links, which help expedite the trip to and from the wildest backcountry routes.

It’s worth noting that ATVers can pick up a speedy road link along the western edge of Halls Lake, which leads to an exhilarating trek through undisturbed wilderness en route to Dorsett. The backcountry in-between Bays Lake and Halls Lake provides some of the area’s most exciting whoops, dramatic crawls, and yelp-inducing bowls. This post gives a taste of the map and its many intricacies. 

Self-Contained Cottage Resorts in Ontario

Photo of a Sandy Lane Cottage near the Best Haliburton ATV Trails.

Because we boast 16 fully self-contained cottages that are entirely independent of one another, we’re expecting a surge of summertime and autumn bookings as we gain more clarity about coronavirus in Haliburton County. Unlike a traditional hotel or resort, our housekeeping team spends much more time inspecting and cleaning each cottage. Don’t forget to browse through our Haliburton getaway deals, including the ongoing “Kids Stay Free” package. If you have any questions at all about your upcoming stay, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 705-489-2020.