The fall comes in September to paint the 34 native tree species at Algonquin Provincial Park in a stunning mosaic of green, yellow, orange, and purple colours. As a result of the high elevation at Algonquin Provincial Park (almost 600 metres above sea level), the fall colours come around earlier than most of southern Ontario. During the fall season, you can also catch a glimpse of a large bull moose with full-grown and polished antlers. 

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The Phases of Fall Colours in Algonquin Provincial Park

Mid-September – Early October: You will be able to gander at the sugar maples and red maples at the Park, decorated in red and orange fall colours. The best views will be expansive from the various hiking trails or the water.

Early October – Mid October: This time frame is nicknamed “Golden Encore,” where the poplar and the birch tree species glow with golden hues. The Golden Encore can sometimes last into November. The east side of the Park and Highway 60 Corridor are the best places to appreciate the Golden Encore.

Mid – Late October: The tamarack trees are at their peak vibrant yellow colour during this time in fall and are about to drop their needles for winter. The tamarack tree is the only cone-bearing tree in Algonquin Park that changes colours in the fall and sheds its needles before winter. The best spots to gander at these fall colours in the Park are the Spruce Bog Boardwalk, the Mizzy Lake Trail, or the Opeongo Road.

Best Ways To View the Stunning Algonquin Park Fall Colours

  • The interpretive walking trails at Algonquin Park offer gorgeous views of fall colours. There are also walking trails and lookouts along Highway 60
  • The Park bike trails are another way to see the fall colours while being active. 
  • Lake of Two Rivers provides stunning views of the Park’s fall colours and reflects the gorgeous sight in the waters. If you get there in the early morning, you can catch a glimpse of an enchanting scene of the waters covered in a hazy fog. 
  • You can view the picturesque fall scenery from the comfort of your car on one of Highway 60 side roads that have slower speed traffic. Some side roads are Centennial Ridges Road (at km 37.6) and Opeongo Road (at km 46.3).

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