Embracing the spirit of hygge is a cinch when you already fancy the outdoors, even in the heart of winter along the southern edge of pristine Algonquin Park. Every winter, hundreds of couples and families embark on a short journey from the Greater Toronto Area to peaceful Halls Lake, home to Sandy Lane Resort. While our sandy beach is smothered by sugar-white snow from December through March, guests never lose the satisfying feeling of escapism at our invigorating and utterly secluded respite. Typically, families choose Sandy Lane Resort for its nearby backcountry snowmobiling, Nordic ski trails, and, of course, those cozy wood-burning fireplaces (the only ones in Haliburton). But don’t forget that both Algonquin Park and the Haliburton Highlands are home to some of the premier dog sledding in Ontario.

Dog Sledding in Ontario at Its Finest

The team here at Sandy Lane Resort has a strong relationship with three local kennels, all of which are located along the southwestern rim of Algonquin Park in the Haliburton Highlands. The dense, snow-caked forestry in this serene region is an idyllic location for a long-awaited afternoon of dog sledding in Ontario. Haliburton Highlands dog sledding has become a rite of passage for Ontarians—and there’s no better way to embrace this province’s bond with nature.

Winterdance Dogsled Tours

Location: 1888 Hodgson Road, Haliburton
Price range: $145–$1,425
Types of tours: 7
Dog Sledding in OntarioWhy choose Winterdance? We typically refer guests to Winterdance Dogsled Tours because of their continual diversification. They can entice families on a budget as well as big spenders who have the ability to purchase a day-long heli-dog sledding trip. Winterdance’s purebred Siberian huskies are perhaps the prettiest bunch of canines in the region. This gorgeous, strong, and friendly group of huskies can reach 20 kilometres per hour.

Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Preserve

Location: 1095 Redkenn Road, Dysart et al
Price range: $75–$360
Types of tours: 3
Why choose Haliburton Forest? The Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Preserve, as you might expect, operates inside a fully-sustainable landscape. It’s equal parts research facility and education centre. Their team protects approximately 100,000 acres, millions of trees, and 100 lakes. One of the ways it stays afloat is its many on-site tours, including a wintertime favourite: dog sledding in Ontario. The price is right here too, as child rates start at just $75. And, with full-day Haliburton dog sledding adventures starting at only $325 for adults, they’re typically booked several weeks in advance.

North Ridge Ranch

Location: 1823 Williamsport Road, Huntsville
Price range: $95–$205
Types of tours: 2
Why choose North Ridge? Unlike Winterdance, North Ridge Ranch breeds Alaskan huskies, a slimmer, trimmer dog in comparison to Siberians. Alaskan huskies aren’t a pure breed—they’re actually bred to be slightly more athletic than your average Siberian. North Ridge focuses on what they’re good at: two timeless dog sled tours. The 20-kilometre, half-day excursion is a must, and it’s perhaps the best bargain in the province!

Lakeside Cottage Rentals in Ontario

Dog Sledding in OntarioAfter experiencing the best dog sledding in Ontario, retreat to Sandy Lane Resort for a warm meal, hot cocoa, and a dusk snowshoe stroll. Don’t forget to read up about the region’s best Nordic ski trails, craft breweries, and ice fishing destinations before your arrival. To browse through our collection of classic Haliburton accommodations, please visit us online. We’re always available via phone as well at 705-489-2020.